Kennedy Half Dollar 1967 BU

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    The 1967 Kennedy Half Dollar is one of the highest minted Kennedy halves from the series. With a whopping 295 million mintage, the 1967 is easily accessible in pristine BU condition at a low premium. Collectors flock to the 1965-1969 Kennedy Half Dollars since they were the last circulated US coins to be made with 40% silver. Since then, the US Mint has used silver for other coins but those coins have strictly been for collection purposes. The 1967 Kennedy Half Dollar is in brilliant uncirculated condition and will be packaged in a coin flip for protection. The Kennedy Half Dollar's history is mandatory to know for those who are interested in the series, thus making the collection more enjoyable.

    The US Mint desired to have President Kennedy on either the dollar, half dollar, or quarter. Once the president passed, his widow Jacqueline Kennedy desired to have his portrait on the half dollar. Sculptors, Gilroy Roberts and Frank Gasparro, had already designed a special presidential medal that wasn't released yet when they were notified of the new half dollar. Using Robert's obverse design and Gasparro's reverse design of the medal, the new Kennedy Half was born. In 1964, the Philadelphia and Denver Mints produced millions of the half dollar, resulting in millions being hoarded by collectors or investors since it was the last year for the 90% silver coins. The US Mint struggled to produce more to meet the demand but the coins never made it to circulation. Nowadays, the 1964 BU half dollars are pretty accessible for collections but if a collector wants circulated ones in bulk, they are more difficult to obtain.

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