Kennedy Half Dollar 1968-D BU

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    1968 was the first year, since 1964, that the Kennedy Half Dollars were minted at 2 different mints. The 1968-D Kennedy Half was minted by the Denver Mint, while the rest were proofs minted at the San Francisco Mint. The last time a proof was minted, for the Kennedy series, was in 1964. It took the US Mint quite some time to recover from the extreme hoarding, both by collectors and investors alike, of the 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar. The 1968-D Kennedy Half Dollar is comprised of 40% silver and is the second to last year to have silver in a circulating US coins. This Kennedy half is also in BU condition, exhibiting an unbroken sheen rim to rim. John F. Kennedy is famous for being the assassinated president in November of 1963. But Kennedy has a footprint in history outside of his death. During his 2 year term, Kennedy constantly dealt with high tensions between communism and the US. Kennedy is still the only Roman Catholic to ever serve as president in the US.

    The Kennedy Half Dollar series carries loads of history for any collectors to appreciate through the years. This series is also ideal for beginner collectors, providing low premiums coins for any budget.Gilroy Roberts and Frank Gasparro were the sculptors who had the honor of designing the Kennedy Half Dollar. Needing a design quickly, the US Mint approved of a design the two had created for a presidential medal that was liked by the late president. His widow, Jacqueline Kennedy, wanted his portrait to be on the half dollar denomination. In just one short month, a new half dollar was being minted by the millions, and the public was ready for it. The reverse depicts a portrait of the late president, with the coin's date of mintage. The reverse contains the US National Seal and the coin's 50 cent denomination.

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