Kennedy Half Dollar 1968-S Proof

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    With a prominently lower mintage, than most of the Kennedy Half Dollars, the 1968-S Proof has a mintage of just 3 million. After taking a break from Proof Kennedy Half Dollars, the San Francisco Mint resumed production of the mirror-like finish coins. From 1965-1967, the US Mint produced Special Mint Sets that replaced for the proof coins so the mint could save money and still keep the collectors happy. The 1968-S Proof Kennedy Half Dollar sparkles with a reflective sheen, while Kennedy's picture contains a matte finish. This half dollar also contains 40% silver, until the mint discontinued silver in its coins altogether in 1969. On the obverse, Kennedy is poised sideways, with the "S" mint-mark below his portrait. The reverse depicts the US National Seal with the coin's denomination of 50 cents. The Kennedy Series is a poignant collection, mainly since it was produced just 30 days after the assassination of President Kennedy.

    Just one month after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the US Mint quickly released the new half dollar. Replacing the Franklin Half Dollar, the new Kennedy Half Dollar's design was already an existed work by sculptors, Gilroy Roberts and Frank Gasparro. By already having a prominent design at hand, the Philadelphia Mint was able to produce over 273 million brilliant uncirculated coins in 30 short days. Upon their release in March of 1964, almost the entire collection disappeared from the market. Collectors rushed to hoard thousands of these historical gems, while others wanted them for their 90% silver content. Then, there were those Kennedy fans, who just wanted something to remember the late president by. The Mint even drastically increased production but were unsuccessful in giving others the ability to enjoy the new half dollar. 1964 would be the only year the Kennedy Half Dollar craze would be unquenchable.

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