Kennedy Half Dollar 1970-S Proof

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    The 1970-S Proof Kennedy Half Dollar was overshadowed due to the rarity of the 1970-D Kennedy Half Dollar. Since the US Mint discontinued the 40% silver coins in 1970, they only put those coins in proof and mint sets. The twist was the US Mint did not make an announcement concerning the 1970-D so once collectors found out, they were too late to purchase the popular sets. It is still unclear if the 1970-S Proof Kennedy Half Dollar is worth more than current market prices but enjoy it for a low premium while it lasts! The 1970-S half was minted by the San Francisco Mint and contains the mirror-like proof finish that so many collectors go crazy for. Only 2.6 million were minted in 1970 and are the last 40% silver coins to be minted continuously.

    When John F. Kennedy was assassinated, within hours, the US Mint had a plan to produce the next half dollar with his portrait on the obverse. Sculptors, Gilroy Roberts and Frank Gasparro, were approached since they had previously designed a coin of President Kennedy for a medal. This design was even approved by the late president so there were no hesitations when it came to completing the die for the half dollar. Robert's obverse design and Gasparro's reverse design worked together to make the Kennedy Half Dollar. Not only was the design popular, but the Mint couldn't make enough to stay in circulation. As the Kennedy Half Dollar continued to be minted, it's numismatic and intrinsic values began to slowly strip away. Apart from a few Kennedy halves, that carry higher premiums, the series is ideal for a beginner collector. New Kennedy halves are still being minted today and is something collectors look forward to on a yearly basis.

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