Johnson Matthey 1 oz Silver Bar

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    Johnson Matthey is one of the best-known and most highly regarded refiners of silver, with operations in both the United States and Canada. Johnson Matthey refineries process high grade gold and silver bullion from mining, jewelry, and industrial scrap. Although somewhat more expensive than other products, Johnson Matthey products retain their value because of the quality of their offerings. Johnson Matthey is one of North America’s most prestigious mints and their products are highly collectible.

    Johnson Matthey arose in the early 1800s and quickly became the heart of London’s precious metals industry. Johnson Matthey was responsible for refining much of the gold and silver coinage of the Victorian Era. The Johnson Matthey name continues to be one of the most esteemed names in precious metals, with their silver bars sought after by collectors and investors around the world.

    The Johnson Matthey 1oz silver bar features a double-sided design. The front of each bar features the Johnson Matthey logo along with the purity stamp of .999 fine silver. The front also features a serial number and is stamped 1 ounces troy. The obverse is stamped with repeated patterns of the letters “JM” along with mining tools, in a diagonal pattern.

    Prized by collectors and investors since the 1800s, Johnson Matthey silver bars are highly collectable. Praised for their simple, elegant designs, Johnson Matthey bars possess a high resale value. Their 1oz silver bar is consistently a best-selling product among collectors and investors. If you plan to resell your Johnson Matthey bar, be advised that they often bring increased resell prices, which makes them an excellent investment.

    Silver is an unappreciated opportunity for investors. Traditionally overshadowed by gold, silver has—in recent years—outpaced gold’s earnings. Much of the gold that is produced is hoarded, while silver is increasingly used in electronics and manufacturing. With at least minor amounts of silver in virtually all electronics, more than half of the silver produced goes into industrial manufacturing. At least trace amounts of silver are used in everything from polyester to cell phones. Silver is also used in the production of solar panels, a technology which is likely to increase. Additionally, silver is widely used in medical technologies and treatments. The demand for these products, particularly electronics, far exceeds the current rate of recycling, another factor which encourages the continued increase of silver prices. Silver has long been appreciated by investors who appreciate its comparative affordability as well as its compact size (which make it easy to store and transport), silver is increasingly sought after because of its role in industrial technology. With that role being continually expanded, silver offers an excellent alternative for investors as well as collectors.

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