Random Manufacturer Silver Bar 5 oz

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    For the beginning collector or investor, buying generic silver bars offers a cost effective way purchasing silver bars. Bars will be chosen based on inventory, and may come from any mint and will be in varied condition. All bars chosen by us, however, will always be .999 silver and 5 troy ounces. By allowing us to choose the manufacturer, consumers are able to take advantage of much lower premiums.

    Some of the bars you purchase in this fashion will be mint, or near mint. Others will show minor evidence of having been bought on the secondary market. The condition does not affect the inherent value of the bar, as each contains the same amount of silver.

    Although the mint will be chosen by us at the time your order is placed, you can be assured that your bars will come from internationally recognized refiners. If you are seeking a particular brand, this is perhaps not the best option for you. If, however, you are most interested in acquiring quality silver bars at a very low premium over spot, this is an excellent option for acquiring them. It is an outstanding option for the beginning collector or investor, or for anyone who wants to buy large quantities of silver bullion at manageable costs.

    Both silver and gold offer investors attractive opportunities, as they both hold their value better than paper money. Although gold has traditionally been viewed as the more desirable of the two, there are numerous reasons to consider investing in silver. The simple law of supply and demand ensures that the value of silver is likely to increase for the foreseeable future. Supplies of silver are decreasing at the same time that its industrial uses are increasing. The opposite is true for gold. This means that in the near future, at least, the value of silver should continue to outpace gold.

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