Engelhard Silver Bar 1 oz - Random Design

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    Out of production since the mid-1980s, Engelhard are often highly sought after by collectors and investors. Engelhard was once the world’s largest mint for precious metal products and the world’s largest metals smelter, and their products have long been valued by investors in precious metals.

    As they are not new, Engelhard bars will not possess a shiny finish, but are nonetheless extremely popular and valuable because of the Engelhard reputation. The bars have a simple, minimalistic design, with the Engelhard insignia on the front along with the engravings 1 TROY OZ, FINE SILVER, ENGELHARD, as well as the bar’s registration number. The obverse is engraved with a repeating diagonal pattern of the word Engelhard. The bars are one-ounce 99.9% fine silver.

    Be advised that Engelhard silver bars are not shipped in new condition, and scratches, dings, and other imperfections are to be expected . These bars have not been produced since the mid-1980s and are thus only available on the secondary market. Designs may vary, but all will be the Engelhard brand and will be of the stated weight and purity.

    The Engelhard reputation in producing silver bullion products is second to none, even decades after they ceased production. Engelhard was formed in the early twentieth centuries and grew quickly to become the world’s largest refiner of precious metals. The company was purchased by BASF in 2006.

    For the savvy investor, silver offers an excellent opportunity. It’s a bit riskier than gold, but many analysts believe that the silver market is on the cusp of dramatic growth. It’s always been appreciated for its low cost, relative to gold, and the fact that it can be easily and quickly converted to cash virtually anywhere in the world. More recently, however, silver’s widespread use in industrial manufacturing has made it highly desirable. Its use in reflectors for solar panels and in cell phones means that demand for silver is only like to increase in the near future. While gold’s returns may be more stable, they are also generally slower than with silver. While it may not be for everyone, investors who are comfortable with a modicum of risk will likely find that investing in silver now pays off handsomely in the near future. A bit like the pretty girl at the dance, gold may get all of the attention. But silver is a shrewd and lucrative investment if you have a longer-term perspective.

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