Isle of Man Gold Cat 1 Ounce 1994

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    The Japanese Bobtail was chosen to be featured on the reverse face of the 1994 Isle of Man Gold cat issue. The Isle of Man is a self-governing British Crown dependency island. This island is located between the Great Britain and Ireland, in the Irish Sea. It is believed that this island has been occupied since 6500 B.C. and to this day, residents remain. They are known to be fisherman, hunters and gatherers, and carpenters of sorts. The Pobjoy Mint decided to produce a gold coin series to honor that island, thus we have the Isle of Man gold Cat series. These gold coins are 24 karat, brilliant uncirculated, and come in plastic flips for protection during transit.

    The Japanese Bobtail is viewed as a good luck charm in Japan. In ancient times, there was a rule where all Japanese Bobtails had to be set free to kill the rodents. It was even illegal to buy or sell these cats. The Bobtails have a genetic mutation wherein their tails are not long like a cat's but very short, similar to a rabbit's tail. These cats come in a variety of colors but the white-calicos are the most popular because of their tri-color hair. The obverse of this gold coin is of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, with her side profile beautifully outlined. "Isle of Man" and "1994" are also inscribed around the Queen's face. The reverse reveals a Japanese Bobcat, standing on all fours, in a playful position. The cat's head is facing its adorable nub of a tail. There is also another cat in the background with a couple of seagulls flying in the sky. The coin's weight of 1 oz is featured bellow the cat. If you are looking for a good luck charm, look no further than the 1994 Japanese Bobtail gold coin!

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