Indian Head Cent 1898 G-VG

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    Spanish and American relations would finally come to a head in the year 1898. The American Battleship Maine exploded in the harbor of Havana, Cuba. Two hundred sixty died in the explosion and the Spanish were blamed almost immediately. Newspapers around the country rallied against Spain and just months after the explosion, an American gunboat captured the Spanish ship Buena Ventura. Spain declared war and the Americans soon followed suit. The entire war would last less than four months, but not before a young Teddy Roosevelt would become famous along with his Rough Riders in the Battle of San Juan Hill. It is hotly contested today as to whether or not the USS Maine exploded due to the Spanish, a testy boiler, or an American newspaper operative. In coin news, William Sheldon was born in 1898. He would later create the 70 point coin grading scale along with other coin standards used today.

    This year had a similar mintage amount to that of 1897 Indian Head cent with just under 50,000,000 pennies issued. The penny was by far the most widely used coin in the country. Not only this, it was most useful to the average American at the time. This year’s issue was widely circulated and remained in the public domain until at least World War II. Collectors should have no trouble finding coins in all grades without any defects due to the amount minted.

    This was yet another year of low proof Indian Head cent mintages. Despite the low amount of pennies issued, many surviving specimens are of good quality and deep mirror finishes. However, finding a red gem may prove difficult for this year. Many brown and attractive red-brown proofs can be found. There are over thirty different varieties known for this year. As with most other years of Indian Head cents, most are repunched dates. No varieties this year are particularly popular. If you have any questions regarding the Indian Head Cent or varieties, please contact any of our knowledgeable staff at 800-735-1311, and we’ll be happy to assist you!

  • Details:
    • Denomination: Cent
    • Year: 1898
    • Diameter: 19 mm
    • Mint Mark: N/A
    • Thickness: 1.5 mm
    • Grade: Ungraded

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