Indian Head Cent 1893 G-VG

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    In 1893, the nation saw another economic panic. The stock market saw a steep drop until its eventual crash in the summer. By the end of the year, over 15,000 businesses closed, nearly 75 railroads went bankrupt, and over 500 banks closed their doors. Stepping away from its previous policy, the government stopped subsidizing silver. Prices fell. Despite the economic turndown, Americans continued to innovate. Henry Ford tested his first gasoline powered vehicle.The World’s Columbian Exposition was opened to the public this year. People came from all over and began collecting the US Mint’s commemorative Columbian Half Dollars and Isabella Quarters, the only commemorative quarter ever to be made by the US Mint.

    The mintage in 1893 increased from the year prior. The US Mint issued roughly 46,000,000 Indian Head cents this year. The quality of cents from this year is slightly below average. Most cents were made from old cents and two cent coins. The weaknesses are apparent in higher grades, those collecting lower grades need not be concerned. This year’s issues were circulated widely and for many decades. Many did not see a special need for keeping this date. Mint State issues are found purely by chance.

    Although the cents for circulation increased from the prior year, proof issues actually saw a decrease. Just over 2,000 proof Indian Head cents were issued in 1893. This causes the year to actually be scarcer than issues from prior years. Despite this, the coin today appears to be readily available for collectors. There are no stand out varieties from this year. Presently, the only varieties, like virtually all other Indian Head cents, are repunched dates. If you have any questions regarding the Indian Head Cent or varieties, please contact any of our knowledgeable staff at 800-735-1311, and we’ll be happy to assist you!

  • Details:
    • Denomination: Cent
    • Year: 1893
    • Diameter: 19 mm
    • Mint Mark: N/A
    • Thickness: 1.5 mm
    • Grade: Ungraded

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