Eisenhower Dollars (500 pcs.) in Poker Racks (5 Racks)

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    Since the Eisenhower Dollar didn't take off in the collecting market, it has since been used for other occasions. Parents enjoy leaving an Eisenhower Dollar underneath their children's pillow after the tooth fairy has visited. Others enjoy using the Eisenhower as currency in poker games. Due to its high production volume and low premiums, the Eisenhower is attainable to anyone's budget! There are 500 dollars, packaged in 5 poker racks, all of which are in circulated condition and contain mixed dates and mint-marks. On the obverse, there is a side portrait of Eisenhower, making him the first president to be pictured on a US Dollar coin. The reverse reveals a powerful eagle landing, with its wings outstretched as it lands. Eisenhower Dollars are also ideal if you want to teach someone about collecting or investing in coins.

    Being the first coin minted with the one dollar denomination since the Peace Dollar, the Eisenhower's popularity took off. Honoring Eisenhower, who passed in 1969, a legislation was passed that allowed his face to be on the obverse on the new dollar. Since the bullion prices were increasing, in 1965, the US Mint was forced to use a copper-nickel combination that cut the amount of silver needed for the coins. The only Eisenhower Dollars that contain 40% silver are the silver proof coins and can still tarnish over time, if not stored properly. The US Mint produced ridiculously high amounts of Eisenhower dollars, offering collectors a wide variety to choose from.

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