2013 Chinese Silver Panda 1 oz

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    Pandas are often viewed in Chinese culture as spirit animals and represent good luck, peace, and gentle strength. The Giant Panda is incredibly large and strong but it's not a dominating or ferocious animal. The panda's enemies can be counted on one hand, therefore the panda is not viewed as weak in the animal kingdom. Not only is the panda strong but it also is determined when it comes to things it wants. Pandas are indigenous to China and are usually the national animal connected to the country. It is no wonder this iconic symbol was chosen to be featured on every reverse design of the Chinese Silver Pandas coin series. Your 2013 Silver Panda is guaranteed to weigh one troy ounce of pure silver and to have a "newly struck" appeal since it is brilliantly uncirculated. The People's Republic of China also seals the coins into capsules to protect them from the environmental threats that are common when dealing with silver coins.

    Three young pandas grace the reverse side of the 2013 Chinese Silver Panda coin. The sweet trio is drinking from a small pond, causing a light rippling effect. Behind the pandas, is a tall bamboo forest with every lead and shoot in full realistic detail. Although this coin collection comes with high premiums, the act of owning a prestigious series you can take pride in overrides any concerns. The Chinese Silver Panda coin collection is the ideal fit for any collector or investor!

    Coin Highlights
    -.999 fine silver
    -Brilliant Uncirculated condition
    -Packaged in capsule
    -Obverse: The Temple of Heaven catches the attention of onlookers as it stands in the middle of the obverse. "The People's Republic of China," is inscribed in Chinese symbols above the temple and the year of mintage is included underneath it.
    -Reverse: Three pandas are featured on the reverse. The coin's denomination of 10 yuan is written in a symbol above the drinkers and the coin's purity is below the rippling pond.

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    • Year: 2013
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    • Mint Mark: N/A
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