Eisenhower Dollar 1978-S Clad Proof

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    Claimed as the last year the Eisenhower Dollar was minted, the 1978-S Clad Proof Eisenhower Dollar closes the historical series. Although only the west-coast circulated the Eisenhower dollar, the clad coin collection has still become a favorite among collectors. With high mintages and easily accessible Mint State examples, collectors enjoy the ease and low prices associated with the Eisenhower Dollar series. Unless specified, the Eisenhower Dollar collection is comprised of a nickel-copper alloy, not actually silver. The 1978-S Clad Proof was minted at the famous San Francisco Mint and carries the beloved "S" mint-mark. In 1965, the US Mint was ordered to stop using silver in all of their coins and instead, use 40% for commemorative coins only. To this day, collectors and investors flock to the pre-1965 silver coins, for both collection purposes and silver investment goals.

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    • Year: 1978
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