2 oz. .999 Pure Silver Bullet .308 (7.62 NATO)

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    It's important to keep a silver bullion collection that caters to your personal interests. The Elemetal Mint's 2 oz. .999 Pure Silver Bullet .308 (7.62 NATO) is an ideal gift or personal investment for the firearms fan. Molded exactly like the .308 Winchester bullet, the 2 oz. .999 Pure Silver Bullet .308 weighs approximately 2 oz of .999 pure silver, with it labeled on the bottom of the bullet. This bullet is solid silver throughout and cannot be fired from a weapon. The 2 oz. .999 Pure Silver Bullet .308 (7.62 NATO) are sold strictly for their silver content for investment purposes. The Elemetal Mint is a famous mint, with multiple locations in the midwest, known for its outstandingly creative silver products. Stamped with the mint's approval, the 2 oz. .999 Pure Silver Bullet .308 (7.62 NATO) is ready to become a hit in your silver collection!

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Customer reviews

★★★★★ very good
★★★★★ For a gift
Friend of mine is a gun nut and I got this as a Christmas present for him. it is an excellent representation.
★★★★★ Good Service and Quality
★★★★★ What a great item.
My heaviest silver piece to date. Realistic dimensions add to the value. Thank-you Golden Eagle for offering such collectibles.
★★★★★ Something Different
Not your run-of-the-mill coin purchase, but these make a great gift for that "certain someone" , and are a fun addition to the collection. Stamped with "Ag" and the weight on the base. Nicely made, too.
★★★★★ Another Great Conversation Piece
An exact replica, it's beautifully done.
★★★★★ Nice !
★★★★★ perfect
★★★★★ awesome
Very cool, 1 for myself and 2 for gifts. And the neighborhood werewolves can smell them and stay away :-)
★★★★★ Silver round has many meanings
2 oz silver round can be coin shaped or bullet shaped. Both are pretty cool!
★★★★★ perfect match for this shekk. Really a nice item just as good looking as a coin.
★★★★★ second order, great product!
★★★★★ Nato Pride
I brought this for a gift for a gun collector. They were very happy to have this piece for his collection. An item he never saw before.
★★★★★ item as described, great transaction!
★★★★★ very nice