5 oz. .999 Pure Silver Bullet 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell

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    When you aim your investment at the new 5 oz. .999 Pure Silver Bullet 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell from NTR Metals, you will hit the bull's eye every time. This shotgun shell is pure silver and is produced only to be used as an investment. NTR Metals carries an extremely reputable history, throughout the US and Europe, of manufacturing high-quality precious metals products. Understanding that silver products have also become a new form of gift-giving, NTR Metals has ventured into the interest of firearms and has created a whole silver bullet line, including 1oz., 25oz., and even 100oz. bullets. Although these bullets are primarily made just for show and investment purposes, their popularity has only increased over the last couple of years. Many investors enjoy adding these gems to their silver collection but also take advantage of any chance they get to give the gift of investment as well. These shotgun shells are the perfect gift for a new silver investor or for someone that just enjoys collecting unique pieces.

    Your 5oz. 12 gauge shotgun shell is guaranteed to weigh 5 troy ounces of silver, with its purity stamped on the bottom of the shell. Due to the intricate minting process of these bullets, it is quite common for your bullet to contain small amounts of wear, scratching, or minor blemishes. Luckily, since your shell is being sold solely for the silver content, these aesthetic flaws do not affect the overall value of the bullet. If you are interested in upgrading your constantly growing silver investment, this 5oz. .999 pure silver bullet 12 gauge shotgun shell should be your next target.

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