1 oz. .999 Pure Silver Bullet .45 Caliber ACP

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    One of the hottest silver bullion items on the market, the 1 oz. .999 Pure Silver Bullets .45 Caliber ACP are flying off our shelves due to the high demand. An exact replica of a .45 Caliber bullet, the 1 oz. .999 Pure Silver Bullet .45 Caliber ACP weighs exactly one solid ounce of .999 pure silver. Pressed at the Elemetal Mint, the 1 oz. .999 Pure Silver Bullet .45 Caliber ACP is also offered in their official mint box for orders of 20. Elemetal Mint is one of the most well-known private mints in the US and produces high quality products. Whether you need a change in your silver investment or you know a militia aficionado, these silver bullets are the ideal answer to any of your silver investing needs! It should be noted these bullets are replicas, containing no powder, and are sold strictly for silver investing purposes.

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