1987 1 oz Mexican Silver Libertad

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    The 1987 Silver Mexican Libertad's reverse side displays the Mexican national seal of an eagle with a snake in its mouth, perched on some prickly cactus. The obverse of the silver coin portrays a lovely winged Victoria of Mexican Independence Victory Column, delicately placed in front of two historically famous active volcanoes. It is believed that these two volcanoes were once lovers, who met a tragic but beautiful end. Dying after her love was sent to war, the princess was carried by her soldier to the mountains, where the gods reside. Instead of bringing the princess back to life, the gods transformed the couple into two mountains, which will sit side-by-side forever. "One ounce of pure silver by law" is written in Spanish, along with the coin's year of mintage, 1987.

    The Mexican Silver Libertad series began in 1982 by one of the oldest mints in the Americas. Along with having tons of history, the Mexican Mint has been producing quality currency for over 500 years. The ruler of Mexico at the time, Antonio de Mendoza, issued a decree to create the first mint in the Americas. Aside from being .999 pure silver, in brilliant uncirculated condition, and packaged in individual coin flips, these silver bullion coins come loaded with tons of ancient Mexican history and mythology that make great conversation starters. The Libertads' reputation of being elegantly crafted out of the finest quality of silver has gotten major acclaim nationally. Each year, that mint produces a Libertad with the same design on the coin with only changing the year. That famous design originated in 1921, when the Mexican Mint created the Centenario, a gold bullion coin to celebrate 100 years of independence from Spain. Many collectors are intrigued by the Libertad series because of the different mintages that are offered and by the triumphant history of the Mexican culture.

    Coin Highlights
    -.999 fine silver
    -Brilliant Uncirculated
    -Packaged in coin flip
    -Obverse: Winged Victoria with two volcanoes
    -Reverse: The reverse design includes Mexico's Coat of Arms, an eagle holding a snake in its beak and with its talons locked on the prickly pear cactus. Specifically, 10 other smaller designs are drawn on the reverse featuring the same eagle. These designs represent the 10 provinces of Mexico to bring the country together.

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    • Year: 1987
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