Washington Quarter 1946-D BU

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    The Washington Quarter was first minted in 1932, after a long discussion between the US Mint and Congress. Celebrating George Washington’s bicentennial of his birth, there were talks of his portrait taking over the Walking Liberty Half Dollar just for the year. Although a design was officially chosen for the commemorative, Congress decided to go with a different design to replace the Standing Liberty Quarter that had only been in circulation for 15 years. The Washington Quarter was minted in 1932 and still reigns as the US Quarter to date.

    With the first lower mintage seen from the last few years, the 1946-D Washington Quarter has a mintage of slightly over 9 million. The 1946-D Washington Quarter was minted by the Denver Mint, carrying the “D” mint-mark on the reverse, underneath the eagle design. Comprised of 90% silver, the 1946-D Washington Quarter can be a slightly expensive coin to add to your collection. The Denver Mint was first established in 1906 and was used to supplement famous coin series. Over time, the Denver Mint became an important part of coin production and has earned the title of lead coin producer in the world. For collectors, the 1946-D Washington Quarter is an easy coin to obtain in pristine BU condition.

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