Washington Quarter 1944-D BU

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    In 1932, the first Washington Quarter was struck. Being one of the first images of a real person, the Washington Quarter replaced the Standing Liberty Quarter. At first, the US Mint desired to replace the half dollar with Washington’s portrait, to celebrate the first president’s bicentennial of his birth. Although the Commission of Fine Arts and Congress passed the design for the half dollar, the Treasurer wanted a different design and denomination for Washington. The Washington Quarter is still the US Quarter today and is also one of the longest running coin series in US history. George Washington was born in 1732 and was 67 years old when he passed away. A favorite Founding Father to many, Washington was also the Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary war and he also oversaw the creation of the Constitution. Referred to as the “father of his country,” during his time in the spotlight, Washington grew up in rural Virginia. He was raised by wealthy tobacco planters, who owned large plantations and slaves. When he was old enough, he inherited all of his families wealth, along with their workers. Washington decided to take his destiny into his own hands when he joined the Colonial Militia. From there, he earned his way through ranks, becoming a well-known leader. It took 200 years from his date of birth to make a coin series in his honor. The Washington Quarter is still the main quarter used for US currency, a small reminder of this man’s important in US history.

    Minted by the first mint, the Denver Mint, the 1944-D Washington Quarter is in perfect BU condition and will be packaged in a coin flip. All Washington Quarters minted by the Denver Mint are key dates for collectors and are usually found for high premiums. The Denver Mint is the newest mint to be established in the US, first opening its doors in 1906, and has impressed coin collectors ever since. What was first just a supplement mint, has now become the world’s leader in coin production. In past years, the Denver Mint has minted some of the lowest minted key date coins, making them a favorite in the coin collecting industry.

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