South Africa Krugerrand 1 Ounce Gold Coin Proof (Dates Our Choice)

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    Introduced in 1967, the South Africa Gold Krugerrand became the vehicle for private gold ownership. In the 1970's, its popularity boomed and it was the number one choice of gold investment among collectors and investors. Economic sanctions, due to the apartheid, made the importing of the South Africa Gold Krugerrand illegal but this ended in 1991, when South Africa abandoned the apartheid. The South Africa Gold Krugerrand Proof One Ounce Dates of Our Choice cannot guarantee any specified dates and is sold based on its gold content and history. The South Africa Gold Krugerrand gets its name from two sources: Paul Kruger, the South African president at the time of coin production, and the rand, which is the main unit of currency in South Africa.

    The South Africa Kruggerand has had a stagnant minting history and collectors are quick to find that the most common dates are from the late 1970's to 1980's. This is because from 1967-69, only 40,000 South Africa Gold Krugerrands were minted each year then that number significantly increases every year after that. By 1978, there were 6 million South Africa Gold Krugerrands being produced and by 1980, this coin reigned 90% of the global gold market. 1980 was also the year the South African Mint decided to add other fractional coins: half, quarter, and tenth ounce.

    Coin Highlights
    -1 oz of .999 pure gold
    -Proof condition
    -22 karat
    -Obverse design: South African president, Paul Kruger's portrait with the words, "Suid-Afrika, South Africa."
    -Reverse design: Antelope trotting in an open field with the coin's date of mintage.

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