Chinese Gold Panda 1 Ounce Gold Coin (Date Our Choice) (Out of plastic)

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    The Chinese Gold Panda Dates of Our Choice coins are sold at a competitive rate, making this prestigious series a reality for many collectors and investors. Dates of our Choice means we give you dates we have in abundance or are just trying to sell. Due to the rapidly changing precious metals market, it is hard to predict which year you will receive before shipment of your order. If there is a particular year you are looking for, then Date of Our Choice isn't for you. Instead, peruse our varietal website for the specific years, with mintages that reflect the price of the year. Also, since we are able to sell the Dates of Our Choice at a lower premium, your coin may or may not be packaged in original mint packaging. We do ensure our customers that your coin will be a real minted .999 gold coin from reputable dealers, come in its famous proof-like brilliant uncirculated finish, and will packaged for its ultimate protection.

    The Chinese Gold Panda series began in 1982 and has become a staple collection in many collectors' and investors' homes. One appealing factor that sets this bullion coin series apart from others is the brand new reverse design that changes with the year. Those who collect the panda series enjoy having a diverse collection, just by buying the newest released coin year to year. The Chinese Gold Panda series is also known for its premium packaging; coins are sealed into a plastic pouch before shipping out. Even though pandas are globally adored animals, they are also revered as spirit animals. It is believed they bring good fortune to those who wait and the bamboo they eat symbolizes abundance in prosperity. There are few gifts better than an investment that also wishes good fortune on its recipient.

    Coin Highlights
    -Contains one ounce of .999 pure gold
    -BU condition
    -Packaged in either plastic pouch or coin flip
    -Dates of Choice at our descretion
    -Dates depending on inventory at time of shipping, not buying

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