Proof South African Gold Krugerrands

Proof South African Gold Krugerrands

There are two finishes offered for the South African Krugerrand Bullion coins: Brilliant Uncirculated and Proof. The minting process, of these coins, varies slightly depending on the ideal finish of the coin. The Proof South African Krugerrand has been minted alongside its Brilliant Uncirculated counterpart, including the 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, and 1/10 oz versions as well.

The Republic of South Africa desired the Proof Krugerrands to be more of a collector's item, rather than a bullion investment. They took great care to make sure the South African Proof Krugerrands stood out from the bullion version. The Brilliant Uncirculated South African Krugerrands were minted with 160 serrations around the edge of the coin and over 200 serrations on the proof coin. The amount of serrations are unique to the South African Krugerrand, making counterfeiting almost impossible for these coins.

Design Background of the Proof South African Krugerrand

The Proof South African Krugerrand's design is exactly the same as the bullion version, except for its glossy, mirrored finish, and the amount of serrations around its edge. The design was imagined by two artists: Coert Steynberg (reverse design) and Otto Schultz (obverse). The obverse was designed by Otto Schultz and features the side profile portrait of Paul Kruger. Kruger remains one of the most divisive and well-known political figures from the 19th century. Seated as the 3rd president of the South African Republic, Kruger served for almost 10 years as Commander in Chief. His name was linked to the rand, which is the South African currency, and together make the Krugerrand.

The reverse presents the national animal of the South African Republic: the Springbok antelope. This design was done by Coert Steynberg, featuring the antelope effortlessly galloping through a field. The coin's purity, weight, and year of issue are also engraved on the reverse.

Certified Proof South African Krugerrands

Dr. William Sheldon was an American psychologist by trade and a numismatist as a hobby. In 1948, Sheldon developed the Sheldon Numeric Scale, which became the foundation of grading and certifying coins. The Sheldon Numeric Scale dictates that a coin's condition can fall between 1 and 70. Before this groundbreaking system, coins were graded mostly by physical appearance and could receive one of three grades.

There are several terms to be familiar with, when it comes to certified coins in general. For Certified Proof Coins, the terms to notice are:

  • PF/PR: Abbreviation for "Proof;" refers to the method of coin manufacture, made for eye appeal among collectors.
  • PF70: Bullion coins that have kept their original mint luster and contain zero post production flaws.
  • PF69: Bullion coins that contain 2 or less minute imperfections but still carry their original mint luster.

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