Presidential Dollars Thomas Jefferson 2007-P 25 pcs (Roll)

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    Being the third president of the United States and the third president featured on the Presidential Dollar series, Thomas Jefferson is a favorite Founding Father among Americans. Jefferson was a highly educated and studied law at the College of William and Mary in Virginia. Although Jefferson had his hand in most US dealings, he is the most remembered for writing the Declaration of Independence. He believed in both democracy and republicanism, and desired for the nation to have individual rights, like the freedom of religion. Jefferson was the first Secretary of State in the US, under the presidency of George Washington and was also the second Vice President. Jefferson wore many hats as a lawyer, an author, and a patriot. His skills were even stretched overseas to France, when he became the United States Minister to France.

    A younger Jefferson is depicted on the obverse of the 2007-P Presidential Dollar. This decision in design was that of US Mint engraver, Don Everhart, who also designed the obverses for Washington, Adams, and Madison. The reverse is of no other than the greatly admired Statue of Liberty, with the coin's legal tender value also displayed. It is symbolic that the Philadelphia Mint produces the Presidential Dollars, since its establishment is due to the Founding Fathers. After the Revolutionary War, the Founding Fathers desired to put themselves on the international commerce map. In order to do this, the newly established US needed the produce its own currency. Built in 1792, the Philadelphia Mint opened its doors as the first US mint facility, and created the Mint Act, which delegated how and what would be included on the US currency. The Presidential Dollar series is ideal for collectors who enjoy American history as much as collecting beautifully struck brilliant uncirculated coins. It also cannot be guaranteed that this roll will come in original packaging.

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