Presidential Dollars James Madison 2007-P 25 pcs (Roll)

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    James Madison was the fourth president of the US and is the fourth president featured in the Presidential Dollar series. Serving as president from 1809-1817, Madison is often hailed as the "Father of the Constitution," since he was influential in the drafting of the US Constitution and an author for the Bill of Rights. Before Madison added all of these prestigious works to his portfolio, Madison was born to wealthy plantation owners in the middle of rural Virginia. Madison's father owned a large, slave-run plantation, as well as Madison's mother came from a lucrative plantation herself. Madison received his early education through an instructor, who was popular among the plantation families. Madison learned everything from Latin to geography to mathematics. His love for the studies sent him to New Jersey, where he attended Princeton University.

    A younger James Madison is pictured on the obverse of the 2007-P Presidential Dollar. The Philadelphia Mint produced this coin and placed its mint-mark on the rim of the dollar, along with the date of mintage. It is an honor for the Philadelphia Mint to take part in the Presidential Dollar series, since it was these Founding Fathers who established the Philadelphia Mint in the first place. Along with the Philadelphia Mint, the Mint Act was also established in 1792, requiring certain standards for the US currency. The Statue of Liberty is portrayed on the reverse of every Presidential Dollar, due to the Mint Act demanding a symbol of liberty be shown on every US coin. The coin's legal tender value of $1 is also inscribed on the reverse. There are 25 coins to a roll and it cannot be guaranteed that each roll will be packaged in its original bank paper packaging. If you are desiring for an originally sealed roll, please give us a call first so we can check our constantly changing inventory!

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