Presidential Dollars Andrew Jackson 2008-D 25 pcs (Roll)

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    Each president has his own story of how he came to be president. Some grew up on plantations, while others traveled overseas with their politician parents. Andrew Jackson's story is quite different from what we have seen from the presidents before him. It is unknown his exact place of birth, somewhere between North and South Carolina, Jackson was born to a newly immigrated Scottish family. He grew up poor and at the young age of 13, participated in the Revolutionary War as a courier. Jackson was captured by Britain and it is well-documented how poorly treated he was under their watch. This incredibly terrifying experience would later inspire Jackson to seek out education and become a lawyer. As an adult, Jackson was elected into both the House of Representatives and the Senate. He even ran for president against John Quincy Adams but lost. Jackson's followers established the democratic party, which led him to become the 7th president of the US.

    The Presidential Dollar series memorializes Andrew Jackson and features his portrait on the obverse of the 2008-D Presidential Dollars. The Denver Mint produces 25 coins to a roll, all of which carry the famous "D" mint-mark. The golden color, of the Presidential Dollars, is the result of the unique metallic composition of copper and manganese brass. The Statue of Liberty is displayed on the reverse of the coin, along with the coin's legal tender value. Embossed in a beautiful brilliant uncirculated finish, the Presidential Dollar series draws in collectors with both its historical background and exquisite strikes. The Denver Mint happily participates in the minting of the Presidential Dollar collection and stands today has the lead producer of coins in the world! It also cannot be guaranteed that this roll will come in original packaging.

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