Presidential Dollars Martin Van Buren 2008-P 25 pcs (Roll)

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    Martin Van Buren was the third sitting Vice President that was elected straight into presidency and earning him a spot as the 8th president of the United States. Serving under Andrew Jackson, first as Secretary of State then as Vice President, Van Buren built the organizational structure of the Democratic Party. Van Buren was the first president to appreciate all walks of life, and understand that all social structures are important to the success of the US. He was known to have the ability to dress formally for a fundraiser but also able to disguise himself as a regular Joe in a saloon environment. Unfortunately, Van Buren's presidency is mostly remembered for the Panic of 1837 and his inability to handle it in his presidency.

    Martin Van Buren is the third president, to be memorialized in 2008, by having his portrait displayed on the obverse of the Presidential Dollar. The mint-engraver, Don Everhart, is responsible for the design of all the presidents thus far and portrays each president from their prime. Van Buren's name and years in office are also inscribed on the obverse. The reverse displays the Statue of Liberty and the coin's monetary denomination of $1. The Presidential Dollar series is made up of a copper and manganese brass alloy, causing the coins appear as golden. The Philadelphia Mint places a "P" mint-mark on each of its coins and seals them in 25 coin rolls. To guarantee you are receiving a mint-sealed roll, please give us a call to check our ever-changing inventory. Although the Presidential Dollar series does not offer collectors much in terms of investment, collectors have enjoyed adding this fun and historical collection to their portfolios.

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