Presidential Dollars John Tyler 2009-P 25 pcs (Roll)

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    John Tyler was the successor of William Henry Harrison, the oldest president elected into office and died of pneumonia 32 days later. John Tyler was the first president not to be elected into office and even had the longest term out of all the successors. Since Tyler wasn't technically elected as president, he had a difficult time finding support from both parties. Tyler's ambitious plans to expand Union territory was slightly unpopular, leading to the annexation of Texas. Born and raised in wealthy Virginia, his career in politics began during a political upheaval. Serving as a state legislator, governor, US representative, and US senator, Tyler gained most of his following from the Whig Party.

    Each president has it interesting story of how he came to be president and the type of term he led. John Tyler's story is definitely an attention getter and can always be remembered by the Presidential Dollar series. Designed and engraved by Don Everhart, Tyler's portrait is honored on the obverse of the 2009-P Presidential Dollar. Sharing the spotlight with William Henry Harrison, James K. Polk, and Zachary Taylor. Tyler's long term is also recorded on the obverse side of the dollar. The reverse reveals a Statue of Liberty design, along with the coin's legal tender value. The Philadelphia Mint is the first mint to be established in the US, and was built by the Founding Fathers. Recently, the Philadelphia Mint has adopted the "P" as their mint-mark and have placed it on the rim of every dollar they have minted. The stunning golden hue is the result of a copper/brass metallic alloy, instead of nickel/copper. The Presidential Dollar series is a great way to learn and remember the history of past presidents, while enjoying the fun of collecting coins!

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