Presidential Dollars John Adams 2007-P 25 pcs (Roll)

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    Coined as the first Vice President of the United States, John Adams, became the second President after Washington. Adams lived a different life from Washington; he practiced law, he enjoyed writing, and he was even a diplomat. Adams was also another Founding Father, who helped lead the rebellion against the British. John Adams was the educated man that Washington wasn't and that helped lead the US to become a separate nation. Born and raised in Massachusetts, Adams grew up in a leading medical family with a Congregationalist deacon as a father. John Adams was surrounded by theories of faith, and knowledge of the human body, setting forth his desire to learn more. He attended Harvard College and earned a degree in law; a far cry from his father's desire for him to become a minister.

    Since the Presidential Dollar series covered four presidents each year, the John Adams Dollar was also produced in 2007 by the Philadelphia and Denver Mints. Glistening with the popular golden hue of the manganese brass coating, the Presidential Dollars were also designed by a different engraver each year. In 2007, mint engraver Don Everhart designed the first four presidents' portraits, giving them the respect they deserve. The obverse features a realistic portrait of John Adams and is inscribed with his name and term of office. The reverse shows the legal tender value of $1, as well as the Statue of Liberty is depicted. There are 25 coins to a roll and although we try our best to maintain the original paper wrapping, it is recommended to call to ensure our inventory. The Presidential Dollar series is a great way to honor our history as a great nation and to pass on that wisdom to future generations!

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