Presidential Dollars James K Polk 2009-D 25 pcs (Roll)

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    James K. Polk had one of the most successful and interesting presidencies in history to date. Born and raised in North Carolina, Polk moved his political career to Tennessee when he got older. A pronounced Democrat, Polk was elected to both the Speak of the House in the House of Representatives and was the governor of Tennessee. Named a "dark horse" in the 1844 presidency campaign, Polk defeated Henry Clay and became the 11 president of the United States of America. Also referred to as the last pre-Civil War president, Polk accomplished every major domestic and foreign policy goal in his four years as president. He oversaw the groundbreaking for the Washington Monument, the opening for the Smithsonian and the Naval Academy, and approved the issuance of the first postage stamp. After serving for four years, Polk made good on his promise of only serving one term as president, and went home to Tennessee. Only three months later, Polk passed away due to cholera.

    The Denver Mint has earned the title of lead coin producer in the world. This busy mint takes the time to elegantly strike the Presidential Dollar series, resulting in a stunning collection. James K. Polk's portrait is featured on the obverse as well as his single term he served. The dollar's date of mintage and mint-mark are inscribed on the coin's rim. The Presidential Dollar series resembles a golden coin, due to the copper/brass metallic composition. The reverse design features the Statue of Liberty, with the coin's legal tender value. All rolls come with 25 coins per roll and are usually sealed in mint-packaged paper. Please give us a call so we can check our ever-growing inventory to see how these brilliant uncirculated coins are packaged.

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