Peace Silver Dollar Uncirculated 1927

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    Another low mintage coin from the Philadelphia Mint, the 1927 Peace silver dollar is the first Peace dollar to have a mintage that falls under 1 million from the Philadelphia Mint. In 1918, the Pittman Act decreed that the US Mint needed to produce millions of silver dollars over a specific period of time. Since the Morgan silver dollar was the last to be minted, the US Mint defaulted to the Morgan's design to produce a large amount of dollars quickly. Numismatists lobbied for a new design, one that memorialized peace from World War I, be chosen for this new silver dollar. A depiction of the goddess of Liberty was chose, wearing rays of sunlight as her crown. "In God We Trust" is also marked next to the lady, using the classic spelling of "trust" with a "v," instead of a "u." Your 1927 Peace dollar is in brilliant uncirculated condition, shining with its original mint luster.

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    • Year: 1927
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