Peace Dollars Extra Fine to Almost Uncirculated Mixed Date Roll (20 pcs.)

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    Produced by the first mint in the US, the 1923 Peace silver dollar exhibits everything the Philadelphia Mint stands for. Portraying an emblematic symbol of Liberty, the Peace silver dollar features the goddess of Liberty. The Goddess of Liberty has been revered since the Roman Empire and her portrait has been used on currency before that. She upholds the idea of what every nation strongly desires: true freedom from suppressors. The goddess also wears a tiara, made of sunshine rays, revealing her power among the elements. The portrait on the Peace dollar is very similar to the statue that stands in Manhattan's harbor: a strong and powerful woman, in garb ready for war.

    When thousands of Peace Dollars were discovered in federal reserve banks and the US Treasury, the demand for these coins greatly increased. Over time, the Peace Dollars not only caught the attention of avid collectors, but it also received interest from silver bullion investors. Since the Peace Dollars were the last US dollars minted with 90% silver, they carry two values: numismatic and intrinsic. Both values are important to investors so the Peace Dollar remains one of the most popular items on the silver market! The Extra Fine to Almost Uncirculated Peace Silver Dollars come in a roll of 20 coins, with mixed dates and mint-marks. All coins also range from the higher conditions of XF-AU, containing slight wear but some may still have their original luster intact. Why not enjoy the benefits of owning these highly collectible relics without the fuss of chasing after each individual coin!

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