Morgan Dollars Pre-1921 Good+ Mixed Date Roll (20 pcs.)

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    Revered as one of the top US coin collections, of all time, the Morgan Silver Dollar stirred up political controversy before it was admired by collectors. Since there wasn't a system to keep inventory on how much silver was coming through the US Mint's doors, the government didn't know how much they were actually producing. The Bland-Allison Act called for the cease of free silver mining and demanded that the US Mint met a specific silver dollar goal every year. There were many acts that were repealed as the government was trying to have more regulations over the silver market, throughout the Morgan silver dollar's life. The Morgan silver dollar was stopped in production in 1904 and had one more year in 1921, until the Peace dollar took over.

    Over the last few decades, investors have been encouraged to partake in the Morgan Dollar craze. With competitively low mintages and dating back further than some of the oldest collectors, the Morgan is viewed as a wise investment for everyone. Forged from 90% silver, there is a limited amount of Morgans still available, causing their value to shoot through the roof. For investors, trying to round up every Morgan minted can deem intimidating, since there are so many mint-marks and dates. The Pre-1921 Morgan Dollar Roll offers 20 Morgans, all with mixed dates predating the most common date of 1921. Each coin is in good or better condition, with the date and important details still visible to the naked eye. Buying Morgans in bulk is a great way to purchase this incredible series for a low premium! Plus, the tedious work of looking for individual Morgans can be bypassed and the numismatic value can still be enjoyed.

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