Peace Dollars Extra Fine to Almost Uncirculated 100 pcs.

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    The Peace dollar was the first US coin to commemorate peace in the country! After the Pittman Act of 1918 passed, the US Mint was required to mint millions of silver dollars, from domestic silver, to fulfill the bill. The Mint first used the Morgan dollar's design, since it was ready to go, but after much lobbying, a new design was selected. The Goddess of Liberty is portrayed on the obverse, while an eagle holding an olive branch is on the reverse. The Goddess of Liberty has been used on currency since before the Roman Empire and the olive branch internationally represents peace. The Peace Dollar is the last US dollar to have 90% silver and since it is not longer being minted, replenishing stock is getting more difficult.

    Collectors flock to the Peace Silver Dollar, since most of the mintages are considered low compared to today's Silver Eagle's mintages. Collectors also know that although the Peace Dollar's coin condition can play a role in the coin's value, the main attractions with the Peace Dollar are the lower mintages and their popularity. The Extra Fine to Almost Uncirculated Peace Silver Dollars are offered in bulk of 100 coins. These coins' conditions range from XF-AU, with the dates and mint-marks also ranging. Obviously, collectors take the time and effort to collect each coin but for an investor, who just wants the numismatic benefits of the Peace Dollar without the ambitious work of collecting, then buying in bulk is the answer! With AU coins, bag marks and surface abrasions are to be expected but the typical condition of the coin should contain only small amounts of wear. XF dollars have more wear than AU with the original luster entirely gone from the surface.

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