Morgan Silver Dollar Fine Condition 1885-CC

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    The 1885-CC Morgan is a high profile coin, that stands on every Morgan silver dollar collector's bucket list, because only 268,000 Morgans were minted. Morgans were minted at a few sectors of the US Mint and carry that mint's mint mark. Philadelphia didn't use a mint mark, New Orleans is "O," San Francisco is "S," and Carson City, Nevada's is "CC." Any collector will tell you owning all the Morgans that carry the much desired "CC" mint-mark is not only an exciting journey but a great investment! The Carson City Mint only stayed in business for 19 years but left an impression for a lifetime. The CC Mint was so small, it could only make a small amount of Morgans every year. This led to naturally low mintage Morgans and a high price tag. Your 1885-CC Morgan was designated the condition of fine condition, due to the heavy amount of wear on the coin, causing a smooth surface.

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    • Denomination: N/A
    • Year: 1885
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