Morgan Silver Dollar Fine Condition 1878-CC

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    The 1878-CC Morgan was the first ever to be minted at the famous mint in Nevada and carry the highly esteemed "CC." Only 2.2 million of these gems were minted in the inaugural year, making them a key coin for any collector's collection. Any Morgan collector will tell you that owning a coin minted at the Carson City Mint is on their coin collecting bucket list. There are a few reasons behind the legend that makes these coins so valuable. One reason being the building itself was small, causing the amount of Morgans minted there to have lower mintages. Also, this mint was closed in 1893, just eleven years short of the Morgan silver dollar's production ending. Your 1878-CC Morgan is in fine condition with guaranteed wear, especially on Lady Liberty and the eagle's feathers. If you are looking to collect Morgans, start with the very first Morgan to come out of the Carson City Mint!

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    • Year: 1878
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