Morgan Silver Dollar Fine Condition 1891-CC

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    Many collectors, who are new to Morgan silver dollar game, will quickly learn the importance of owning every Morgan that was minted at the Carson City Mint. This is because only 2% of the Morgan production took place at Carson City, since it was the smallest out of the four mints. Any Morgan that carries the "CC" mint-mark is viewed as high value by coin collectors. There is also a deadline for the Carson City Morgans, since the mint was decommissioned eleven years before the Morgan ceased production. Every collector looks for that magical "CC" mint-mark on the reverse of the Morgan Silver dollar. Your 1891-CC Morgan features the highly popular "CC" mint-mark in fine condition. Morgans that are in fine condition usually contain heavy wear on the main images, such as Lady Liberty and the eagle. Due to the amount of wear on the coin, the coin's surface is incredibly smooth and is lacking sharpness in the design.

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    • Denomination: N/A
    • Year: 1891
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