Morgan Silver Dollar Extra Fine Condition 1897-S

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    The US has had an admiration and fascination for the figure, Lady Liberty, for over hundreds of years. She is included on everything, from currency to a gigantic statue in New York's harbor. Sometimes, she is depicted as a strong Grecian goddess and other times she is a delicate seated figure. This temptation of placing Lady Liberty on all currency is actually the law. The Coinage act of 1792 requires the US Mint to include "an impression emblematic of liberty" on all currency. Your 1897-S Morgan is considered to be extra fine condition, with the original mint luster still visible to the naked eye. The Morgan also carries the "S" mint-mark, to verify it was struck at the famous and successful San Francisco Mint. Since each Morgan also contains 90% silver, they are also an investment, along with being a collectible coin. Collecting Morgans isn't just for coin collectors but also smart investors.

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    • Year: 1897
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