Morgan Silver Dollar Extra Fine Condition 1894-O

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    When comparing the total mintages of the New Orleans Mint's production of the Morgans, the 1894-O has a mintage of 1,723,000 coins. This is still considered a lower mintage for the New Orleans Mint, since they produced much more than that in other years. This Morgan was also minted during the silver shortage, wherein it was illegal to buy new silver to make the Morgans. This shortage caused lower minted Morgans from 1893-1895. The 1894-O was also poorly made, making the act of finding one in mint state a real challenge. The best condition that can be found for this year is either AU or Extra Fine since collectors didn't do the best job preserving this coin. Your 1894-O Morgan bears the "O" mint-mark on the reverse, showing it was struck in the New Orleans Mint. A Morgan in extra fine condition contains wear on Lady Liberty's facial features and the eagle's feathers.

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    • Year: 1894
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