Morgan Silver Dollar Extra Fine Condition 1893

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    In 1893, there was no need for more Morgan silver dollars. The Treasury has over 300 million in its storage, while over 7 million just sat in banks and reserves. There were more Morgans than the government knew what to do with but this isn't what caused the lower mintages for the Morgan in 1893-1895. The silver purchasing clause of the Act of July 4, 1890 was repealed, making it illegal for more silver to be purchased in order to make more Morgans. For the next few years, the time of higher mintage Morgans was over, causing the Morgans minted from 1893-1895 extremely collectible because of their lower mintage. Only 378,000 Morgans were minted at the Philadelphia Mint that year. Thanks to collectors over the years, when found in junk bags or in circulation, the 1893 Morgan would be saved as a collectible. Your 1893 Morgan was struck at the Philadelphia Mint and is in extra fine condition.

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    • Year: 1893
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