Morgan Silver Dollar Extra Fine Condition 1886-S

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    Morgan silver dollars are rarely thought of as low minted coins. Most of the Morgans, even in brilliant uncirculated condition, are one of a million or more. But every so often, there was a year that minted under 1,000,000 coins and those coins are on every Morgan collector's list. Your 1886-S Morgan is only one of 750,000 Morgans that were minted in San Francisco in 1886. Your Morgan also signifies it was minted in San Francisco by carrying the official "S" mint-mark on the reverse of the coin, underneath the large, prompted eagle. The San Francisco Mint is one of the only remaining mints that originally produced the Morgan silver dollar. Your Morgan is considered to be in extra fine condition, with wear around Lady Liberty's hairline, ear, and cheeks. Extra fine Morgans still possess some of the original mint luster.

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    • Year: 1886
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