Morgan Silver Dollar Extra Fine Condition 1884-S

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    Most of the time, Morgan collectors focus more on the mint-mark, rather than the actual mint where the coin was minted. Each mint that produced Morgan silver dollars had their own ups and downs when it came to production. Only two out of the four original mints are still open today. The San Francisco Mint has been successfully minting coins and growing as a mint since 1854. This mint was first established in 1854, as a response to the California Gold Rush. That first year alone, the San Francisco Mint flipped $4 million dollars of gold into coins. In 1937, the San Francisco Mint moved to its final facility that is still producing coins today. Nowadays, the San Francisco Mint mainly produces the proof versions of collectible currency; not many "S" mint-marks are on BU coins anymore. Your 1884-S Morgan carries the "S" mint-mark to signify where it was minted and is in extra fine condition.

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    • Year: 1884
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