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Morgan Silver Dollar Extra Fine Condition 1887-O

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    The year 1887 has other alluring facts, besides the political drama of the Morgan, that make this year worth remembering. In 1887, Pearl Harbor becomes an official Navy base in Hawaii, the first Groundhog's Day is observed, and a snowstorm in Montana contained the largest snowflakes that are on record. Also, the railroad industry passed a bill to be regulated, Helen Keller began her tutoring with Anne Sullivan, and the first female mayor was elected in Kansas. While all of these leaps in progress were made, the Morgan was fighting to stay in production. Unfortunately, the Morgan could only be minted from 1878-1904. There was one more hail Mary act that allowed for the minting of the Morgan for another year in 1921 but the popularity of the Peace dollar took all of the attention off of the Morgan. Your 1887-O Morgan carries the "O" mint-mark, since it was minted at the New Orleans Mint and is considered to be in extra fine condition.

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    • Year: 1887
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