Morgan Dollars Pre-1921 Fine - Very Fine Mixed Date Roll (20 pcs.)

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    On Sale Save $60 today. For those who invest in silver bullion, it's always wise to keep a very diverse collection. Many investors have picked up on this advice and have found interest in the Morgan Silver Dollar. When offered in bulk, such as the rolls of Morgans, there is usually a very achievable price attached. The Pre-1921 Morgan Silver Dollar Roll contains 20 coins, each with different dates and mint-marks. The very rare Morgans are not included in this roll but since the majority of Morgans contain lower mintages anyway, their numismatic value is still considered very high. The Morgan is comprised of 90% silver and 10% copper, which is the main reason the Morgan has caught investors' attention. Fine-very fine condition falls in the middle of better grades and lower grades. There is quite a lot of wear on fine-very fine coins but all of the main details, such as Lady Liberty and the date are still quite visible. Buying Morgans in bulk is ideal to investors since they don't have to take the time to collect Morgans, in order to reap the benefits of Morgan Silver Dollar.

    The Morgan is one of the most popular coins to date but not too many people know the man behind the coin. For being an assistant engraver, George T. Morgan was so talented that he got a coin named after him. George T. Morgan started his engraving career in England and made his way into the US Mint in 1876. There, he worked under the Chief engraver, William Barber, being his assistant engraver. Barber is known for the infamous currency such as the barber quarter, the barber dime, the barber half dollar, etc. After nearly 40 years as assistant engraver, Morgan finally earned the title, Chief engraver, once Barber passed in 1917.

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