Morgan Dollars 1921 Almost Uncirculated 100 pcs.

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    The history of the Morgan Silver Dollar reveals the politics of the precious metals market and how complicated it can deem to be. The Morgan Silver Dollar was first minted in 1878, succeeding the Seated Liberty Dollar. Since the Morgan was being made out of 90% silver, it gained political attention. There were many bills passed and vetoed, in those first years, as the government tried to regulate the amount of silver being mined. The government also had silver reserves that were only to be used to melt and mint silver dollars. Those reserves ran out in 1904 and just like that, the Morgan's production also came to an end. It wasn't until 1918 that the reauthorization of the minting and mining of silver coins was passed. In 1921, the Morgan was produced for the last time and was officially replaced with the Peace Silver Dollar.

    The Morgan wasn't appreciated during the time of its production but over the years, has gained a wise following. The Morgan Dollar is also the longest running US dollar to ever be minted, causing its collection to quite the ambitious series for collectors. Apart from the low mintages and variety of conditions, the Morgan Dollar has also gained popularity from its 90% silver content. In 1965, the US Mint announced the end to 90% silver minting, since the cost was so high, and replaced all coins with a nickel/copper alloy. The Morgan is a relic of the past and how far the precious metals industry has come. The 1921 Almost Uncirculated Morgan Dollars is packaged in rolls of 20 coins, amounting to 100 coins. Almost Uncirculated Morgans barely contain the original mint luster but wear is also not visible. The Morgan Dollar is believed to have high numismatic value, added to its high intrinsic value because it is 90% silver. This reason alone is why investors are beginning to invest in bulk Morgans, before they run out!

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