Isle of Man Gold Cat 1 Ounce 1990

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    The 1990 NY Alley cat is the third coin to be released from the Pobjoy Mint. This coin is part of the Pobjoy Mint's Isle of Man Gold Cat coin series, wherein every year they issue a .9999 gold coin with a different cat design on the front. This gold coin is 24 karat gold, brilliantly uncirculated, and comes in a plastic coin flip to protect it from scratching. These annual coin series are ideal for any gold coin collector looking to diversify their gold collection. The mintage for each coin is low, making these gold coins a collectible item for the investor.

    The NY Alley Cat is the cat of the year for 1990. The alley cat is also referred to as a stray cat or a feral cat. These cats are normally born due to lack of sterilization and are the "muts" in the stray cat world. Since the cat's breed is mixed, it is difficult to predict the physical features of the alley cat. Normally, they are short haired, small in stature, and hesitant towards strangers. They are meant for the outdoors, since they spend most of their lives hunting to survive.

    The reverse of this coin reveals a lone alley cat, sitting in a side profile, looking at an angle. The cat looks like it is preying on a gullible mouse and is ready to strike at any moment. The coin's weight, 1 oz, is also featured on the reverse side, underneath the cat. There is another cat behind this alley cat and there are seagulls above the cat's head. The obverse shows which series the coin is apart of, "Isle of Man", the coin's date, "1990", and the famous side portrait of Queen Elizabeth II that is featured on all coins in the UK.

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