Eisenhower Dollar 1976-D BU Type 2

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    The Denver Mint has slowly gained ground since its establishment in 1906. Mainly used as a last resort mint, the Denver Mint helped produce some of the most numismatic coins in US history. The Denver Mint has now earned the title of lead coin producer in the world. Since the US Mint took the year off, in 1975, to make millions of the bicentennial 1976 dollars, there is no Eisenhower dollar marked with the date of 1975. In 1976, there were two types of Eisenhower dollars minted, that have very few differences. The Type I Eisenhower dollars contains a bold, block lettering on the reverse, while the Type II Eisenhower dollars reveal a fancier and more elegant font. The 1976-D Type II Eisenhower dollar is in brilliant uncirculated condition and contains the celebratory reverse of a moon superimposed over the Liberty Bell.

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    • Denomination: N/A
    • Year: 1976
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