Early Gold Bullion $20 Liberty Jewelry Grade

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    The $20 Liberty double eagle was minted from 1850-1907, before it received a design change: the St. Gaudens. A proposal for the US to mint a gold dollar had been brought before Congress for 20 years before Congress was forced to act. Due to the famous California gold rushes, there was an increase in domestic gold bullion supply. Since silver coins were being exported or traded, the $20 Liberty coin had a place in circulation. The $20 Liberty would slowly be removed from circulation, until production stopped in 1907. This $20 Liberty double eagle is in jewelry grade, which is the lowest grade and the most circulated the double eagles are found in. Our inventory is constantly changing, so dates may vary on a daily basis. The $20 Liberty is not sold by date but by condition; rarer dates are sold at a separate rate. The $20 Liberty Jewelry Grade is the lowest premium Pre-1933 gold out there!

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