Circulated Peace Dollar Set 1921-1935 (24pcs)

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    The Circulated Peace Silver Dollar set is a great investment for the avid collector! Containing all 24 coins with the mint-marked dates of the Peace silver dollar, this set also includes the highly sought after 1921 High Relief dollar, as well as the elusive 1928 and 1934-S dollars. All three coins contain low mintages but most issues were melted in the 1960's. The Peace dollars, for this set, range from Very Good to Almost Uncirculated condition and are perfectly housed in a Deluxe Dansco album! Minted from 1921-1928, then again in 1934 and 1935, the Peace Silver Dollar is the last highly collectible dollar produced by the US Mint! Through those short years, the US Mint was able to produce some of the most numismatic dollars to ever be collected in history!

    The Peace Silver Dollar was first introduced in 1921, alongside the infamous Morgan silver dollar. In its first year of mintage, the Peace Silver dollar was only minted by the Philadelphia Mint. To get the 1921 issue out, before the year of 1921 was over, the first Peace dollar was struck in mid-December of 1921. Although the mint tried to restart the Morgan silver dollar, many lobbied for a change in design that would memorialize the peace after World War I. After many design flops, the Goddess of Liberty was chosen for the obverse of the Peace dollar. Just over one million Peace dollars were minted in 1921, by the Philadelphia Mint, kicking off the last run of the US silver dollar. Numismatists protested for a new dollar design, after the reauthorization of the dollar was passed. The US Mint never produced a coin that represented the peace gained after World War I so numismatists fought for this honorary coin. The Peace Silver Dollar became the first US coin to commemorate peace as a nation.

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