2003 Chinese Silver Panda 1 oz - Mirrored Version

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    Imagine a beautifully crafted coin that holds history and symbolism as much as it does silver. The Chinese Silver Panda series not only offers creatively designed coins that are pure silver but it also contains coins that are excellently sealed in an airtight capsule for ultimate preservation and protection. Mature coin collectors have been after the Chinese Silver Panda collection since 1983 and the collection's awareness has only increased. Bullion coin collections are commodity to enjoy when investing in silver but the interest is increased when the design of these coins changes yearly. Instead of looking forward to the same design every year, collectors and investors get to anxiously wait for the totally new reverse designs to add to their collection. Your 2003 Chinese Silver Panda with a Mirrored Finish weighs one troy ounce of .999 silver. It is also finished with a proof-like burnish, giving it that flawless mirrored patina.

    Slowly approaching is the Giant Panda on the reverse design of the 2003 Chinese Silver Panda. He lurks behind a bamboo tree, the beloved tree of pandas, on the look out for any type of danger. When provoked, pandas are known to have the ferocity of a tiger so don't let their sweet, cuddly deposition fool you. The coin's legal tender value is 10 yuan and it is beautifully inscribed below the large panda. The coin's purity and authenticity is also labeled on the reverse side for good measure. There are many iconic symbols and structures in China and one of the most popular is the Temple of Heaven, which is a complex of religious buildings and located in the heart of Beijing. "The People's Republic of China," is scribbled in Chinese symbols above the temple, along with the coin's date of mintage. If you are looking to buy silver online, consider the Chinese Silver Panda series and enjoy the journey!

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    • Year: 2003
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