90% Silver Mercury Dimes XF-AU 100 pcs.

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    Although extremely historic and a favorite among collectors, he Mercury dime gave the US Mint difficulties from 1916-1945, then the Roosevelt dime was selected as the new dime. In its run as the US dime, the complexity in its design caused several die errors, causing the Mint to become fed up with its production. The obverse contains a Winged-Liberty, but is often mistaken for the Greek god, Mercury. Uniquely designed by German-American sculptor, Adolph Weinman, Weinman aspired to portray a younger Lady Liberty with a winged Phrygian cap. The Silver Mercury Dime XF-AU bag consists of 100 dimes, making the bag contain a face value of $10. The dimes included in this bag will contain common dates, all in extra fine to almost uncirculated condition. If you are looking for a specific date, you can check out our Mercury dimes section, that is sold separately and at a higher rate.

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Customer reviews

★★★★★ Nice coins at a good price
Would have liked some older dates, but fully satisfied with the product I recieved. 25 different dates.
★★★★★ Thank you for a most perfect 100 Mercury Dimes; exactly as you had stated in your ad. Perfect coins, and perfect service! I already ordered bulk "V" Nickels and bulk Liberty Quarters
★★★★★ Good Deal
Good Deal Fast shipping As Promised
★★★★★ Nice coins and variety. As described. Thank you
★★★★★ Excellent condition
An XF-AU rating is what these deserve. Very nice coins. I collected Mercury dimes in the 60's but only came across fair rated coins. A real pleasure to actually have these fine dimes.